Senior Care Services in Beaumont, TX

Elderly Care

We’re so elated that you are interested in our senior care services at our Adult Day Care Facility in Beaumont, TX. These are several, but not all, of the services that our adult daycare facility can assist you with when you bring your loved one to our facility.

Our Services

Nutritional Services

It’s crucial that our elderly community get the daily nutritional services that are needed for them to stay strong and vibrant. Nutritional services are provided at our facility at United Hands by our licensed dietician. Nutritional services at our facility are not only provided through meals served, but additionally we educate our senior community at our facility on healthy nutritional planning for at home.

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic services are available at our day center with our staffed licensed care team. Therapeutic services at our facility include speech therapy and occupational therapy. These therapeutic services will allow for your loved ones to participate in exercises and add value to their daily living.

Additional Services

Recreation Programs

Our adult daycare recreation program provides services for seniors as well as cognitively immured adults in a community based group setting. This recreational program is available to adults who need assistance or supervision in a safe family based environment outside of the home during the day. We have a number of activities we [partake in with our visitors and they consistently produce positive results.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Support

Several individuals in our centers have full Alzheimer’s support certification. These highly trained individuals know how to give people who have Alzheimer’s the extra care they need to function well in life. We can arrange for your loved one to receive services from one of these kinds of professionals so that you know he or she is receiving top-notch and condition-focused care at all times.

Transportation Services

We offer transportation services in case you are struggling to get your relative here to see us. The cost of such services depends on the distance you will need to go to get to and from our location. We’ll provide you with a fair quote so that you’ll know the precise amount of the trip before we make it.

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Our list of services is much more extensive than what we mentioned here, but you’ll need to talk with one of our experts about the full list. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away.
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