Personal Emergency Response System Beaumont TX

Personal Emergency Response System

Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERS as they are sometimes called, can be a life-saving service for people with disabilities, the elderly, or anyone who needs to quickly access emergency services while they are alone. This quick guide will provide you with more information concerning emergency response systems serving Beaumont TX.

How PERS Works

The transmitters used in the PERS system are lightweight and battery-operated. They are often worn around the neck. However, they can also be worn as a wristband, on a belt, or even be carried in a pocket. Individuals with PERS can press the help button if they are in some kind of trouble. The transmitter will then send a signal to the system console, which is located nearby.

The console works by automatically dialing pre-programmed emergency numbers. The most common emergency numbers used are often local emergency services and/or friends, family, or caregivers. Some consoles are programmed to contact a call center specified for that particular PERS service. This call center will quickly review the individual’s medical issues on file, attempt to pinpoint the nature of the emergency, and quickly notify the appropriate people or local emergency services.

How To Enroll in PERS Services

if you are interested in using PERS service in your home or for a loved one, you have a few different options. You can purchase the PERS equipment, rent it, or even lease it. In addition to obtaining the equipment, you will also need to sign up for PERS services in most cases.

PERS services often include paying an installation fee and then a monthly monitoring fee. The equipment is often available through manufacturers, local distributors, hospitals, and even social service agencies.

PERS and Insurance

It would help if you kept in mind that in most cases, PERS are not paid for by insurance. You will need to reach out to your insurance provider to see if they can help with the cost. If they do not, you should know that this is a vital type of safety service and well worth the investment to keep yourself or your loved one safe.

When you sign up for this service, you should talk in-depth with the service provider to make sure you fully understand how the system works. If you are unsure how it works, it may be unable to help you during an emergency.

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