Serving As A Second Home
& Family To The Elderly

United Hands Adult Day Care

Thank you for visiting United Hands Adult Services. You probably stopped here because you have a disabled or elderly person in your family who needs care and attention while you are away from home. You might worry about leaving your loved one home alone in the Beaumont, TX, area. We are here to offer support to families just like yours. Our adult daycare centers provide a multitude of services that go beyond the basics. These are some of the leading reasons you should choose us as a service provider for your family:
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Affordable Pricing

Our services are much less expensive than some of the leading alternative options. In fact, they are 50% less expensive than what it would cost you to take your loved one to a nursing care facility or have a home healthcare aide come to your home. With the increased savings, you will experience lower overall stress and increased peace of mind about your relative’s well-being.

Community Settings

Your special loved one will be taken care of in a community setting with other friendly and loving individuals. Thus, he or she will always be surrounded by amazing and caring people.

COVID-Conscious Practices

You can rest assured that our facility follows up-to-date protocols regarding COVID-19 and other dangerous diseases. We do everything we can to prevent transmission and reduce the risk to your loved one.


We offer customized activities and plans according to each individual person who receives our services. You can thoroughly discuss your ideas for a plan with us when you schedule your consultation with us.

Compassionate Care

Another aspect of the care you will receive is if you bring your loved one to us in compassion. We want to give your family member the tender helping hand that he or she deserves. You can trust every person on our team to do that because they are all trained with the same high level of empathy. Therefore, we want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us for the sensitive services you need. You won’t be disappointed in what you find when you consult with us.

Our Service Cities

Beaumont TX | Houston, TX | Port Arthur, TX | Orange, TX | Jasper, TX | Silsbee, TX | Winnie, TX | Liberty, TX | Dayton, TX | Galveston, TX

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Those are not the only reasons to entrust us with your family member. Reach out and schedule a detailed consultation with one of our loving caretakers, and we’ll give you even more reasons to consider hiring us to take care of your beloved family member. We want to help make your life and theirs worry-free. The first step toward that is reaching out to us and letting us know how we can serve you.

You can use one of a handful of methods to reach out to us. Our telephone number is (409) 223-0892. You may also email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you might want to stop by the facility and speak to someone in person. Our office is at 1945 Sarah St., Beaumont, TX. We invite you to begin the journey of taking care of your loved one by using one of those three methods to get in touch with us.
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